Theresa’s Impossible Dream – with apologies to Joe Darion (to be sung to Mitch Leigh’s composition from ‘Man of La Mancha’)

To dream the impossible dream,
To fight the unwinnable fight,
To bear the shame of not winning,
To run in the gloom of the night,
To calm the uncalmable throng,
To rule cold and strong from afar,
To try when my army’s too weary,
To wage the unwageable war;
This is my quest, to follow that course,
No matter how hurtful, no matter the force,
To link with the right, without thought or regard,
To be willing to reach the Abyss, for a Brexit so hard …
And I know if I’ll only fulfil this magnificent goal,
That my conscience will always be clear,
When I’m stuck in a hole,
And my realm will be poorer for this:
That one woman, devoid of her heart,
Still strove, in her last days of power,
To play the unplayable part.

© Helen Kalliope
June 2017

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Translator, singer, linguist, cat-lover. Greek-Welsh mongrel

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