Rhodri Morgan (1939-2017)

Teyrnged deilwng – A worthy tribute

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Everybody knew him as Rhodri. You couldn’t help but like him. For me it was his quick mind, suffering fools gladly with amused exasperation; his silver-tongued articulacy, galloping ahead regardless, goading the baffled to keep up; his authentic polymath’s panoramic cultural and intellectual range that meant he could only ever be a man of the left; and, above all, his utterly unselfconscious, unapologetic, undemonstrative and unalloyed Welshness.

All his best qualities flowed from that Welsh wellspring. Wales doesn’t have a ruling class as such, simply because we are ruled by others, but a uniquely Welsh version of an ‘elite’ has nevertheless developed over the centuries. Without the power structures of realpolitik, our vanguard has had to emerge in alternative ways. In the vacuum of a nation without nationhood it was down to the intelligentsia to rise to the surface and take what initiatives were possible, congregating around the liberal arts…

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