Freedom of Movement isn’t the problem – The problem is in the way the UK fails use the available controls

Myth Buster – Debunking the horror stories surrounding the EU Freedom of Movement directive.   Currently Theresa May has made stopping FoM a red-line issue even at the expense of the UK’s mem…

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An Independent Wales in the European Union


What if the industrial revolution had not happened? What would have become of Wales? The economist Brinley Thomas tackled that very question in the 1950s. Rather than the rural utopia some had suggested, it was likely that Wales would have shrivelled up. The young population would either have moved east to London, or sailed in their tens of thousands for the United States, like the Irish. Rather than being the curse of Wales, he argued, the industrial revolution saved it and its culture. Otherwise it would have turned into an old country, a costa geriatrica fit only for retirees, with no real economy to speak of.

The industrial revolution started to run out of steam a hundred years ago, and there is now every danger that Wales could become the country that Brinley Thomas envisaged. A vibrant capital hides the fact that we are becoming an increasingly old, poor country…

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6 reasons why Cardiff needs the EU

We Are Cardiff

We don’t get political very often over here at We Are Cardiff. But with the total fucking omnishambles of the latest EU debates, and all the misinformation being bandied around by the big media outlets, we thought we’d stick our oar in.

Some people think that the UK would have more money if we left the EU. But we think that financial support and opportunities available to people in Cardiff as a result of being in EU (some direct but many indirect) is a net benefit to the city by miles.

When you’re deciding how to vote on 23 June, bear some things in mind:

  • Some programmes are funded by the EU but badly managed/delivered by the UK government, Welsh government or local councils – don’t blame the EU for a local political issue;
  • Wales doesn’t fully exploit the opportunities available to it through the EU – the conclusion of

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Leavers want personal attacks to stop – Just tell the TRUTH about the UK’s EU membership.

No more lies about sending £350 million a week to Brussels. No more lies about the EU being able to remove the UK’s rebate. No more lies about the UK’s ability to veto new members joini…

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Summer cryptic crossword

A brain-teaser I found today! 🙂

Dicmortimer's Blog

another xword

9 Make a little prick mad (a clue: not I) (9)
10 Weighted odds of sombre isles (5)
11 Her majestic art in A-Z compendium (7)
12 Stalked it and rumbled after some time (7)
13 The sound of staining’s an inevitable phase before 8 (5)
14 Film jockey on sickly 13/8 shot? It doesn’t auger well (4,5)
16 Noted attempt at wit and wisdom while 13, then 8 silence (6,4,5)
19 BA student turned freshers green? (9)
21 Brian erected his large organ! (5)
22 Barge the girl around (7)
23 With prejudice I got into bed (7)
24 Definitely I make sense? (5)
25 Yet another rom-com (sic) – it’s a small world! (9)

1 The Welsh show intent; English official has a word (10)
2 Silly Mary oils arse-licking queens (8)
3 Selling tickets (top whack) for Day Tripper (6)
4 Starts by a lake…

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